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Welcome to the Front Porch Club!

We're so glad you've found us.  


My wife Sarah and I started The Front Porch Club fourteen years ago to bring people together socially - both online and in-person - and to encourage a sense of community in this unique town of ours, Atlantic Highlands.  Since then, it's grown from a handful of friends and neighbors to an interactive group of over 500.


I hope you'll take advantage of everything the Front Porch Club has to offer, by joining our email list and checking out the many activities you can become involved in.  You can read more about the Front Porch Club in this Two River Times article.

See you at Chilifest #14 on Saturday, September 28th!

Benson Chiles

The Front Porch Club is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-political, non-denominational group that encourages positive, community-minded interactions.

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